Hard Rock Cafe & Hôtel

Depuis 2016, BLACKSTAGE a noué une relation particulière avec la célèbre chaine de restaurants Hard Rock Café. Avec ses différentes formules, le groupe a joué dans tous les HRC de France mais aussi dans plusieurs capitales européennes lors de leur tournée 2018/2019. 

Les 23 et 24 avril 2019, le duo a eu la chance de se produire au
Hard Rock Café de SAN FRANCISCO. Un expérience inoubliable !!!

A ce jour, le groupe à joué dans 24 Hard Rock Café et Hotel.

Articles de Presses :

VIDEO (Ayia Napa)
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Voici quelques retours que nous avons reçu des Managers des Cafés et Hôtel  après nos prestations.

👏👏👏 We really enjoyed your concert yesterday in Andorra. You chose an incredible selection of songs and performed them in the best way possible. You guys are the best!! 🙌🙌

It was lovely to meet you both ! We had amazing feedback from customers and all staff.  I’m looking forward to working with you again soon . Thanks again 🙂

Hey guys! Thanks again for travelling to Dublin to play in the cafe, I was really happy to have you guys come perform. You’s put on a fantastic show and were model professionals with all tasks set out for you. I would love for you guys to play again if you’re visiting Dublin in the future and will keep up with you guys on social media. I appreciate your kind words and try ensure the artists are satisfied with our work!

Feedback I received was throughout positive. What you did very well, was singing songs everybody knows, can relate, sing it and kept them going. The fact that you left the stage and went to the guests directly was also a very positive point, all guests loved that – my son as well.
If there is a chance to work again together, I will definitely consider you
Thank so much guys! Your performance was great! You created an amazing atmosphere of joy and fun! Our guests and staff loved you! Hopefully we will meet again! You rock!!!

Thank you so much again for the performance. It was great !! Best of success for, and hope we can work together again in the future. Many Thanks,

First of all thank you very much for the pleasant evening and great performance. I am sorry also that I could not say goodbye but I am sure you will be back here!

Having you play in our café was truly an amazing experience for all of us– everyone loved you from our guests to our team members. We had guests emailing us afterwards that they had a great time! You really created such an electric vibe and atmosphere; I wish we could have you play in our café every month!

Dear Steph, First of all, I would like to say that was a pleasure to have BLACKSTAGE playing at our Cafe in Malta J. I just got the feedback of our team and they really liked and they said the costumers really enjoyed. Thank you so much for come and provide this great experience to our customers. Hope to have Blackstage playing here again.

Thank you for arranging the guys to come over, Yeah some great feedback! Hopefully we will see them again in the future. Many thanks,

Thank you very much! We are very pleased to have you in our brand new Hard Rock Cafe! Thank you for the concert! We liked it very much​ 🙂